[IGS] Ants Australia

Dear Cindy,
Thanks for the tip about the pepper.  I will keep it in mind.  It is very
hard to find the ants nests.  Most of the area that I keep my plants in
(all in pots)  has clay pavers on the floor.  They just disappear down the
cracks.  The spray with Chlorpirifos seems to have done the trick,  for now
at least.  I wonder if the pepper would harm the plants roots at all,  will
have to try and see.  I have half an acre which is mostly garden apart from
the geranium houses, so the ants have plenty of room to get breeding in
amongst all that!
We are having a cool spell here just for a few more days, so that will give
my plants a chance to pick up.
       Best wishes from
              Joan Steele    W. Australia

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