Re: [IGS] Eas/West Coast Weather

Our hearts go out to everyone devastated by the flooding.  Here in the
Oegon high desert, we can barely get a light drizzle or mild sprinkle.
The temperature is barely freezing each night.  Great for calving the
cows as the babies arrive to warm temperatures.  I just hope we have
enough moisture to harvest hay this summer to feed the cattle next
winter.  For us drought is very scary.  There is very little snow in the
Cascades.  We drove west a couple of weeks ago to the Willamette Valley
and just for a few miles did we have snow on the road.  We came home via
Portland and the Mount Hood hiway---bare pavement all the way.  This is
extremely abnormal weather and road conditions.  Dry warm winters
increase the summer and fall fire danger to the extreme.  As our friend
in Australia is experiencing.   My geraniums are cozy in the south
windows of the house.  Blooming away.  Diane

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