Re: [IGS] Eas/West Coast Weather

Thanks for replying Diane, Peggy, and Alan.
It's good to know that you all are still able to hook up to the
internet even though this mixed up El Nino Weather has been causing
some problems. I fear that maybe our California friends have been
knocked off offline to say the least. I know Robin is in Marin County
which has been hit really hard by these last 2 storms. Hopefully she
is alright. I think Cindi has been in the storm path also. Her Angels
have had enough of a rough time surviving without monster storms
hitting. Hope her and her husband are alright too.

Peggy: I don't remember seeing your name before. Glad you could post
a message. Yea Sun. One nice thing about this time of year is that
the Sun is getting higher in the sky for us Northerners . Able to
melt some of that icy stuff (and I know that Ice is nothing to laugh
at ).

Alan: Glad to hear that the plant light room is full of blooms. My
plant lights are getting ready for a dazzling display which is being
led by my Prince of Orange Scented (That thing looks like a big pansy
bloom so I wouldn't be surprised if someday they discover that it is
actually a Regal in disguise) . I haven't heard of Capability's . I'm
looking for a good source of geraniums books myself so hopefully
someone will beable to answer your question. Have you tried Amazon
Books online? They have a few geranium books (mostly on scenteds the
last time I checked).

Diana: Sorry to hear about the dry conditions It sure would be nice
if that rain would spread out more so it wouldn't dump everything in
one spot. Atleast your geraniums are happy <G>.

Keep in touch as you can.

Bright blooms ,

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