Dear Gisela,
Still having trouble with the CD ROM but getting a new one fitted tomorrow.
 Then I might have a go at sending some pictures.  Bought a new flatbed
scanner yesterday but can’t get it going until the D. drive  gets put in.
I meant to comment on you friend being in Mutare.  I know the place well.
We have friends there and  always have a few days there when we visit the
country.  My partner is from Zim and so has lots of relatives there.  I
love the place,  but couldn’t live there.  At least your friend should be
out of the riots that have been going on in Harare.
We spent Christmas in Mutare a few years ago and had to stay an extra few
days while Peter recovered from Cholera.  There were drastic water rations
on at the time and he must have picked  up the germ from a ‘take away’ pie
that he bought.
It has been 38ºC today ... over your 100F and I’m just about fed up with
the heat.
     Best wishes
    Joan Steele

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