[IGS] Cuttings & Pics.

Dear Dale,
Thanks for the instruction on the tea bag compost spray ... sounds strange
... you would expect compost to  exacerbate the problem,  however what you
say makes sense. I  will spread the word at the Ger. Soc. meeting tomorrow.  
I have just packed up 30 plants to sell there,  we are allowed a maximum of
30. We have a raffle table as well and the few I may not sell go on that.
You may see from my message to Gisela that I am having a new CD ROM fitted,
also have bought a new flatbed scanner.  The last scanner was a hand held
thing and not the best.  When we get it all organised I might try and send
you some pics so that you can tell me how they are ... and if they arrive!
I wonder if people would like to tell me how they strike their ZONAL
 Over here the recommended method is to use river sand and peat moss.  I
gave that up long ago and now put cuttings straight into Premium potting
mix in 4Ē pots. That Potting mix has slow release pellets in, which donít
seem to worry the fresh cuttings. I soak the potted mix with a liquid
fungicide before inserting the cutting  and donít water again until almost
dried out. It saves a lot of work repotting. I must be careful not to
overwater of course.
I have a very good strike rate and this system suits me better than waiting
5/6 weeks and having to repot into the 4í pots then.   I plant my cuttings
straight away and donít let them dry out as was  suggested by some.   I
hear of people putting Meths or fungicide on the cut end, but I donít do
that either.
I tried using Jiffy pots once.  In the winter I have a heated box which I
fill with river sand.  The cuttings struck readily when put into the Jiffy
pots and then buried in the warmed sand.  This worked okay until I found
that the Jiffy pots tended to strangle the plant.  This is not evident for
a year or so.  Then when investigating a sick plant I would find the tight
ball of peat had choked the plant.  The mesh container does not
disintegrate and retards the growth of the roots.  It also encourages too
much dampness.
I believe there are peat pots now which have a  soft cardboard type
exterior but I havenít tried them yet.
My winter method now is to use 2í black tubes with the potting mix and  set
them into the warmed sand. The smaller size allows me to fit more in.  I
keep the temp at 25ļC - 28ļC.
Hope we get some suggestions on how best to distribute the geranium
pictures.  Iíll send straight to you for now .. thatís if I can get the
system working!!
  bed time here .
              Joan Steele

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