Re: [IGS] Sandbag eating dog


San Diego reporting in, soggy and grumpy, but still in one piece.  Everytime
it rains, my kitchen, dining room, and both bathrooms flood.  If I ever find
out what idiot built the back patio so it slopes towards the house, I'll kill
them without mercy.  My husband, Clark, built a little bunker of sandbags
outside the back door to keep the worst of the water away, which helped
somewhat.  The famous angel-eating dog has diversified and drags the sandbags
away and chews on them.

I've carried all my potted plants out of the lath house and set them widely
spaced on temporary benches in the pool area for the best possible ventilation
in hopes of avoiding botrytis.  Angels are so densely leaved that it can hit
before you know it.  I've also thinned out the centers of my plants.  When the
rains hit again on Friday I will turn the pots onto their sides in an effort
to get less rain contacting the soil and soaking in.  A couple of the hanging
baskets got so waterlogged that the hooks couldn't support the weight and they
plopped down onto the patio.

I've been worried about Robin Parer in Marin County, so was quite relieved to
see she's doing well.

Am thinking I should relocate to Arizona, where I would hope it's a little bit
dryer.  Clark would have quite a commute, being in the Navy and all, but Navy
men are tough and he could handle it, right?

Any suggestions for helping waterlogged plants dry out faster?

Thanks for inquiring about us.  Until the "floods" stop, I'll probably be on
line a bit less.


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