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Hi Joan,
I've been tied up getting a few things done but I'm still here.

> Thanks for the instruction on the tea bag compost spray ... sounds
>strange would expect compost to  exacerbate the problem,
>however what you say makes sense. I  will spread the word at the >Ger.
Soc. meeting tomorrow.
I actually thought the same thing about compost maybe causing more
problems but as I read about it more, (as you say) it began to make more
sense. Keep in mind that I'm no authority on the subject. I've just been
reading alot about what organic gardeners are doing these days looking
for ideas.
Another note: Chamomile tea is being used as an antifungal spray against
damping off. (I understand that both Anthemis and Matricaria have the
same properties.) I know of one woman that has used this successfully
for her seedlings for the last 25 years.

Wow, you are really going wild with this scanning project aren't you. I
have been thinking of getting a flatbed scanner myself but don't know
how soon I can do that. I have one of those handheld scanners too but
mine is only Black and White/Gray scale so it really doesn't do justice
to flowers. I will try to find out what resources we have to use to post
graphics as soon as I can. I've written to Cyril Baucke a few times in
the last month about something else with no response so I may try to
raise Diana Petersen to ask if  we can get an FTP site somewhere. Go
ahead and send me what you have as you get them scanned and I will
catalog them as well as enjoy them <G>.

Sounds like you get a good success rate for your cuttings with the
method you are using. I have never used sand myself. I have been using a
mix of 1 part general purpose potting soil; 2 parts spaghnum moss; and
1/2 part perlite for my rooting medium (as well as my growing medium). I
don't use fungicide but do use a mild rooting hormone most of the time.
Like you I moisten and let dry on top before watering again. I like to
use 1-2 inch clay pots but will also use small plastic pots. I find the
clay pots are more forgiving about overwatering though they do require
extra watering in general. Oh and I don't let the ends dry out anymore
either. I started out doing that but soon discovered that it really
didn't make that much difference with my cuttings. Later I read Faye
Brawner saying she felt the same way.

Today, I picked up something that is fairly new around here to try to
use for growing and rooting medium. It is a coconut fiber product that
comes in a compressed block the size of a brick. When you add water, It
expands to 8-9 quarts. It is very clean and light. I will report about
my experience with it in the future. Have you or anyone else on the
Robin, had any experience with this?

Peat pots have been made for along time so that there would be less
transplant shock but in the last few years, I have read other people
saying the same thing you are. (I never really cared for them because
they seemed to mold easily if keept moist as they should be.) I have
also read the recommendation to actually split the pot down the sides in
a number of places to allow the roots to spread better.

Well I better finish up here and maybe get this posted while youstill
have daylight over there. Are you still using your partner's university
connection or do you have a home connection now to the internet? You
seem to be responding quicker nowdays.

Will TTYL,

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