Re: [IGS] Sandbag eating dog

-- [ From: Dale Neil * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

Good to hear from you Cindi ,
Sorry to hear that your patio has a few design flaws. Hopefully, that
sandbag dam will keep you dry .
That really is some heavy duty Dog you have :-) . He should have been
the one to enter that cheese eating contest. Surely he would have come
away with the Gold.
I don't know if your geraniums would like the heat in Arizona though so
you better rethink whether Clark needs to commute from there. Of course
there are some cooler areas in northern Arizona. hmmm.... if he were a
Navy Pilot, he could make that commute in short order <G>.

Keep us posted as you can. If you have to make a choice between saving
yourself or the geraniums, We all might beable to replace your geraniums


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