Re: [IGS] "new" pels

Diane Soares wrote:
> Hi!  I hope everyone is well and still surviving El Nino.
> At my yearly foray at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show I visited
> Killdeer Farms booth and picked up some "must haves".  After reading
> Harriet Glicklich's article in Geraniums Around the World, I picked out a
> 'Rococco' and can't wait for it to bloom and a stellar -'Bird Dancer'
> that I admired last year, but did not buy.  I also couldn't resist some
> wonderful tri-colors, 'Deacon's Peacock' described as a dwarf,
> 'Dolly Varden' and 'Miss Burdette Coutts'.  These are coloring up nicely
> in the greenhouse-a little pale after sitting under flourescents at the
> show.
> Would anyone with experience with these varieties please share some
> information at to what to expect as far as height/spread and ultimate
> container size?
> (If I keep collecting like this I'll need a second greenhouse but it's
> too much fun and I can't stop!)
> Keep growing!
> Diane
> Snohomish, WA zone usda 7/sunset 4
> growing in cool 45-50 deg.F greenhouse

I have them all but the Peacock and the Varden.  I keep mine in gallon
containers, altho that is a bit large for Mrs. Coutts.  I've had mine
for about 5 years, and truely neglect them.  They will all get to be
about 18 inches in height, tho I take cuttings from mine, thus keeping
them restrained a bit.
The varigated varieties, Mrs. Coutts specifically, are beggers to get
rooted.  I've read that they have such reduced ability to
photosynthesize, due to the white in the leaves, that they don't form
roots readily.
Rococco is a very nice cultivare.  You'll like it.
If you ever get up here, I have a pel in tissue culture right now that
is a show stopper.  It's called Gemini, and altho a picture can
sometimes be found in GOOD pel collector books, I've never seen it
anywhere but at my place.  The petals at the top of the umbel shoot
straight upward, and between that and the coloration, it looks like
flames. I'm always able to sell every one I produce.
The Greenhouse Nursery
81 S. Bagley Creek Road & Hwy 101
Port Angeles, WA  98362
(360) 417-2664
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