Re: [IGS] Hardy Gerniums in Sunset Article

Dear Kay In Arizona:

Thank you very much re the Sunset Magazine article on hardy geraniums.
I suggested the geraniums, so you probably should blame me for leaving
you out.  I actually don't think that is the case.  Some hardy geraniums
would do fine, particularly the ones from Southern Africa, such as G.
incanum, G. robustum, and G. 'Frances Grate'; perhaps G. sanguineum, or
one of its numerous forms or color selections.  There are so many hardy
geraniums, and there is almost always one that will do well, even in the
most rigorous climates. If you are interested,  look at my catalog on  I'd be happy to help you further
if I can.


Robin Parer
Geraniaceae Nursery

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