[IGS] large growing, single flowered Pelargoniums

Hello, Geranium folks -

I note that the discussion has broadened to include Pelargoniums, and
this is a topic on my mind at the moment.  I'm working on some public
plantings adjacent to a school, stocking the beds with species able
to tolerate our Mediterranean climate without assistance or
irrigation.  I note some large growing Pelargonium hortorum plants
growing in vacant lots and in derelict gardens, blooming happily
almost all year long.  I've taken to propogating these, but I'm
curious if any of you out there grow more interesting varieties of
these cultivars tolerant of ground culture (rather than pot).  I'd
prefer floriferous single flowered forms, with interesting leaves.
Tall is good for me as shorter plants will be lost among the other
plants and tend to get swallowed up by occasional weeds.  I found an
interesting plant growing in an oily, trash-strewn ditch next to a
parking lot - handsome large, lobed leaves with a thin zone (which
was slightly transected by the lobe notches!).  I have no idea of
the flowers or their color as yet, but I will later this year (I have
some cuttings rooting away).  If any of you are in the local Bay Area
and have cuttings or plants you might be willing to unload, be sure
and let me know!  I look forward to hearing your suggestions.

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