Re: [IGS] Sunset ARticle

-- [ From: Dale Neil * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

Hi Caroline,

> I think Sunset is a regional magazine -- does anyone east of the
> know if it's available out here?  There's an article on"Hale and Hardy
> Geraniums" by Phoebe Noble in the new Fine Gardening, also.
Well, I  live about 1 mile East of the Mississippi and the only places I
have beable to see any Sunset Magazines are well equiped Doctor's
waiting rooms, Hospitals and at library sales (those are OLD ones<G>). I
was at 3 bookstores today and they all acted like they had never heard
of the magazine <sigh>.
I did find The Fine Gardening Magazine though. Thanks for the lead.
There is also a short article in The Herb Companion by Jim Becker on
Rose Scented Geraniums.
Anyone East of Nebraska <G> have any luck finding Sunset ?


PS We may have to send for reprints of the article

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