[IGS] 'Oz'

Dear Diane (Soares),
Re your newly aquired plants ... I havenít seen Rococco , but have Bird
Dancer, which I like.  Miss Burdett Coutts I found hard to grow here and
have given up on it, I think it needs a lot of care.  Deacon Peacock is
beutiful in winter, but gets back to green of course in the summer.  I find
it needs constant tip pruning to stop it from getting leggy.  It is like
most Deacons a dwarf plant.  Also had Dolly Varden and lost it,  but now
have our South Australian version which is growing quite well.  I would
treat it as a miniature and keep in a smallish pot until it demands
repotting..  You sound a bit like I was a couple of years ago.  Dreaming up
new shade houses,  (or greenhouses where you are) in the middle of the
night.  I have 4 now and have vowed to cut down on my plants.  Trouble is
they are so lovely.
Best of luck
W. Australia

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