Re: [IGS] Oz News

Someone said:

 carpenter ants over
here. I have some of those work on a tree in my front yard and I'm
trying to figure out how  don't eat up the


or something similar!

Carpenter ants can be eliminated with boric acid. I had a terrible lot of
them in the flooring in my unheated back room. Vermont Country Store was
selling 'REVENGE' for ants so I got some. It's no longer available there.
It is boric acid in a syrup. A few dime sized drops and the ants were gone.
The ants would crowd around the drops, and I had to replace them two or
three times a day, but only for a couple of days. probably used a whole
teaspoon of 'REVENGE'.

Boric acid also comes inexpensively packaged in bright yellow plastic containers
for use on COCKROACHES!!(so it says!) There is lots of air space in the
container so it can be "sprayed"

It works, too! Works on ants and works on light infestations of cockroaches!!

Found in drugstores around here.

Carolyn Schaffner in Buffalo, NY  ---> make yer own boric acid syrup!

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