Re: [IGS] Hardy Geraniums Talk

Dear Dale and Diana:

You probably have more than enough of me advocating the virtues of hardy
geraniums. Will you let me off giving an outline of The Top Ten Hardy
Geranium talk, until after the spring rush.  I'm a bit overwhelmed at
the moment with many orders to fill, a number of talks, and three shows
coming up in the spring, as well as normal nursery tasks, and 1 acre of
demonstration garden.  I'm only writing to you because it is pure slop
outside after heavy rain again today, and we need to give the soil a
little time to drain.  But I won't forget, or you remind me sometime in

Does anyone grow the tuberous rooted hardy geraniums?  If so, what cold
tolerance do they have?  What do you do with them in the winter?  Are
they a successful garden plant for you?  We have Geranium malviflorum,
G. macrostylum, G. libani, G. linearilobum ssp. transversale, G.
tuberosum, and a couple of other oddball little tuberous ones, G.
pylzowianum, and G. orientali-tibeticum. Our climate is so mild we don't
have to lift and store them, but I am curious about gardeners in colder
climates.  The first five are normally winter growing, spring flowering,
but they may behave differently if you keep them dormant, warm and dry
during the winter.  I just don't know.

Anyway, we are trying hard to keep dry.

Geraniaceae Nursery

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