[IGS] Hardy tuberous geraniums

I have grown G. tuberosum and G. orientalitibeticum here in Snohomish,
WA. (usda 7/sunset 4)for several years.  The climate is wet and sometimes
into the low teens with no snow cover in winter.  Summers can be cool
(60's) and rainy or into the 70's and 80's and dry from July to
September.  Tuberosum tends to lift itself to the surface (response to
the wet soil?) after a season and already is leafing out.  It will be
dormant by July.  Orietalitibeticum quietly multiplies every year.  I
don't find it invasive but I don't have it in a small space - it covers
the ground in front of several varieties of pratense.  It will start
growth soon.  Both are in ordinary garden loam- no extra drainage and
light fertilizer (usually just compost) when I do the rest of the border.
We are having a very early spring - most nights in the 40's and days in
the low/mid 50's.
My losses have been G. sessiliflorum nz (tried three times) and failed
and clarkei 'Kashmir Purple' and 'Kashmir White'.

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