Re: [IGS] starting meduim


I've had good luck starting cuttings in empty plastic 1 gallon milk
containers.  I turn them onto their side and cut off the upper third so I have
a rectangular plastic box that's open on the top.  Poke some drainage holes
into the bottom and fill the carton mostly full with perlite.  Poke multiple
cuttings into the perlite, put them near the window, and hope for the best.  I
use old plastic cafeteria trays underneath to keep the water from running all
over when I water.  The big advantage to perlite is that you can't overwater,
which I find to be an advantage when dealing with younger children who love to
water thing!  You can gently lift the cuttings out of the perlite to see how
they are doing, and if they haven't rooted enough, you can make a hole in the
perlite with a pencil  and replant them to grow more roots.

When they are well rooted, transplant them to separate pots or containers with
a mix of potting soil and the perlite you were using for rooting.  I would
suggest a 2 parts soil to 1 part perlite mix.

Good luck.


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