Re: [IGS] Scented Pelargoniums


I've had some scenteds in the ground for as long as we've had the house, which
is 6 years now, and they're still going strong.  When they get too big, I just
hack them back and they fill out again.

My pride and joy was the Dr. Livingston (skeleton rose) which grew like Jack's
beanstalk until it reached the eves on my one-story home and then devoted
itself to scrambling across the shingles.  Unfortunately, a very heavy rain
and the neighbor's rather plump cat brought it down an a slithery tangle one
winter, and it was never quite the same again.  I ended up trimming it back to
a measly 4' and it's sulking against the jasmine trellis dreaming of its glory

The peppermint was planted by the front doorway, and it did it's best to trip
everyone walking in or out until I took cuttings and pulled out the mother
plant.  I put some of the rooted cuttings under my roses where they gleefully
climb up the canes and peek out through the rose foliage.

I had Old Fashioned Rose planted among the roses, but it grew way too big and
was smothering the rose bushes.  One amusing thing was the fact that the rose
flowers would peep out from behind the rose scented pelargonium foliage and
there was quite a run on local nurseries from people in my neighborhood who
wanted the "rose geranium with the rose-like blooms".   I just pulled out the
last mother plant from the rosebeds, and it was the one that left the huge
"trunk" that I mentioned in a previous e-mail.


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