Re: [IGS] Variegated Hardy Geraniums for San Diego

Dear Cindi:

It will be a pleasure to see you in Anaheim.  I think that G. phaeum
'Variegatum' and G. phaeum 'Taff's Jester' would do alright in your
climate in a shade situation with filtered light. G. macrorrhizum
'Variegatum' likes a cool climate.  It's not particularly vigorous,
unlike the plain green forms of G. macrorrhizum.  I always feel that it
would prefer to be in England, rather than California. It looked
wonderful one year in Beth Chatto's garden in Essex. G. x oxonianum
'Margin of Error' is as slow as a wet week, though it is heat tolerant.
The problem is propagating enough plants for everyone who wants it.  In
fact, since the article by Dan Hinkley in Horticulture Magazine in
January, we are totally sold out of all the variegated forms of hardy
geraniums for this year.  We continue to propagate plants most months of
the year, and we will have them again, but anyone who wants them, at
least from us, may have to wait.

It is really nice though, that these beautiful little plants are getting
noticed, and that gardeners enjoy them. Now,  as soon as Michael Vassar
joins us on the IGSROBIN,  we will all get to hear about the virtues of
the extraordinarily diverse pelargonium species, the sarcocaulons and
the monsonias.  I always feel tempted by these plants, even though we
grow over 500 taxa in the Geranium Family.


Geraniaceae Nursery

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