[IGS] Fascination?

-- [ From: Dale Neil * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

Hi All,
Last summer I was noticing that there were growths forming at the base
of some of my scented geraniums. I first thought that it was some kind
of moss or lichen but as time went on, I discovered it was a smaller
version of the parent plant. I thought it would grow out like side
shoots but it hever has.
Last week I picked up an older book written by Helen Van Pelt Wilson and
discovered in one of the chapters that she describes a similar condition
which she calls "Fascination". She says that the smaller growths can be
scraped away from the parent plant without harming that plant. She goes
on to say the condition is caused by a bacteria and recommended that all
commercial growers destroy any plants affected.
Does anyone have any experience with this condition? Does the condition
live on in cuttings? What would the recommendation be to home growers in
treating this condition? (It almost sounds more like a nuisance rather
than a danger to me.)
Thanks for any information you might have.


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