Re: [IGS] Scented Pelargoniums

-- [ From: Dale Neil * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

Hi Diana,

About 4-5 months ago I read your series of articles on scented geraniums
as well as one or two of your other articles. They are  informative and
very well written . I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks for posting
their addresses.

Oh and your question concerning the lifespan of a scented pelargonium:
there is a green house at one of the local parks here in Rock Isand that
has a very old 'Bodes Peppermint' . It is around 12 foot tall and has a
very large knarly trunk and blooms all the time. many cuttings have been
taken from the "tree" over the years and sold at fund raising sales.
Seems to keep going and going..... I think that unless one of these
things contracts an illness , is attacked relentlessly by pest (such as
the neighbors cat like Cindi has mentioned) or just plain runs out of
room, they keep growing. ( I imagine that a plant like that needs extra
fertilizer of some sort to keep it growing though). I had heard of one
person having a Chocolate Mint plant that started at the front door and
trailed all the way around their house. (That would be somethng to see.)
Alas, for us mere zone 5 mortals<G> that don't have greenhouses, we have
to be satisfied with pruning judiciously and being concientious at
taking cutting to continue the plants through the winter months

Hope school is going well. You amaze me with your ability to get so much


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