Re: [IGS] Hardy Geraniums Talk

-- [ From: Dale Neil * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

Hi Robin,

You wrote:
> Dear Dale and Diana:
> You probably have more than enough of me advocating the virtues of
> geraniums. Will you let me off giving an outline of The Top Ten Hardy
> talk, until after the spring rush.  I'm a bit overwhelmed at the
moment >with
> many orders to fill, a number of talks, and three shows coming up in
> spring, as well as normal nursery tasks, and 1 acre of demonstration

I know Diana gave you a reprieve until April but I just wanted to add my
2 cents worth :-) .
Can't get enough of your "advocating the virtues of Hardy geraniums" but
I will say that I didn't expect you to send anything immediately. You
haven't even given your talk yet, and why should we hear it before
eveyone else (other than we want to  <G> ) . Soooo... I will bug you
after April.
Sometimes I lthink I would like having your climate but now isn't one of
them because of El Nino. I like how El Nino is affecting us here (other
than I would like to see a little sunlight) and hope it will let up on
you folks sometime real soon.
Hope you are able to enjoy your spring.


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