[IGS] 'Geraniums'

Dear Dale,
Thanks for the message, glad you received the photos and am sending some
more.  Do you have any?.  Both  ‘Margaret  Kay’ and ‘Little Primula’ are
Australian  hybrids, I didn’t check on that before sending.  Margaret Kay
is a ‘birds-egg’ type,   you should see some tiny speckles towards the
centre.  Little Primula is supposed to be a dwarf but grows fairly large,
it is a beautiful thing.   I am sending you   ‘Joans Choice,’  also
Australian, which I regard as a true painted lady with the colour fading to
white towards the centre.
The infusion of willow tree sticks & water (for cuttings) is interesting.
I wonder if any sort of willow is okay.  What a pain having to worry about
the pH of your water,   it’s bad enough worrying about the potting mix.   I
have just started on the new mix and have marked all pots with a coloured
strip of plastic  (ice cream container) so as I can check on them later.
I’m pretty sure that geraniums would not grow  hydroponically,  they really
need to dry out completely before watering.  I guess you could have the
system on a timer which only watered occasionally.  You could certainly
control the feeding very well.  Re your striking  cuttings in water.  There
are a couple of people here who do it all the time.  they put a pinch of
Phostrogen in the water.  I’d rather stick it in a 4” pot and forget about
it for a couple of months.
I haven’t heard of carpenter ants,  you don’t mean Termites do you?  These
have the name Paratrachina and are quite tiny and black.  I believe they
are native to Australia.

No,  a gyroplane is not an ultralight.  A mini helicopter is the best way
to describe it.  Pete has already built (and crashed) an ultralight  After
being in a critical condition for a few days he decided to move on to
something safer ??!    Strange your mention of a dragon fly.  we have named
the gyro  ‘Uzekamanzi’ which is Zulu for dragonfly (manzi is water)
 Your daughter sounds young to be going for her licence,  however if they
are keen, it’s something they’ve just got to do.  My grandson got his hang
gliding license at 14  (is now 18) and will go up in the air in anything.
   One day I saw him ridge soaring from a cliff,  A Wedge Tailed Eagle (6ft
span)   flew with him, directly above,   all along the cliff face.
 Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera.  What a feeling, to fly with the
eagles!          (Yes I have done hang gliding as well).
We would be glad to see your daughter if she comes to W.A.   It is a fair
way across to Perth,  but if it is included in the original fare, would be
a lot cheaper than it would for us to fly to the eastern states  $500 -
$600 is normal. I think air fares are cheaper in the US
  Back to the geranium subject . ..    Do people ever send through IGSROBIN
copies of lists or catalogues.  I have  some Australian ones that may be of
interest and would like to see some of yours.
How did my  photos look?  Did you have to adjust the colour or anything.  I
suppose it’s hard to tell if you don’t know the right shades in the first
     Joan S.
  W. Australia

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