Re: [IGS] Container gardening

At 08:33 PM 2/24/98 EST, you wrote:

>I found a really neat book on container gardening at the local $5 bookstore
>and when looking through it saw they used several different plans with
>geraniums.  Did you get yours planted?  If so, how are they doing?  And what
>did you decide to put in them?

Haven't done a blasted thing.   My older son (31) was in a car accident two
weeks ago.  He's back at work now, but I've had to drive him here/there
while looking for another car.  His car was totaled.  The other driver was
at fault; he and his passenger were in intensive care.   ANYWAY...we've
just had lots of rain and much thanks to El Nino.

By the way...some friends have started a "salute" whenever they hear the
term "El Nino".  Close your right fist and raise your hand in the air
(newscasts, conversations, airport announcements).

I doubt if I'll be doing any unique containers yet...mostly Mexican
pots/other pots.  This will be the first time I've planted flowers!!!and
I'm no spring chicken!


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