[IGS] Re[2]: [IGS] Fascination?

     If I remember correctly, this condition is sometimes called "crown
     gall" (it occurs at the "crown" of the plant, where it emerges from
     the soil, or a little below) and is caused by a bacterium.  Still
     plumbing the depths of my memory, the name of the bacterium may be
     "Corynebacterium fascians" (and the condition actuallly called
     "fasciation", not "fascination").

     Plants of mine used to show it occasionally, especially dwarf zonals,
     where it was kind of a knobbly, cauliflower-like growth.  I used to
     break off the growths, but I never felt they were serious in terms of
     the plant's health.

     I believe it is possible to get clean cuttings (i.e., ones not
     infected with the disease) from the tops of affected plants).  In
     other words, the bacterium does not travel throughout the plant's
     vascular system.  The reference would be a book from some years ago,
     edited by J. Mastalerz and published by Penn State University
     Department of Agriculture.  Title escapes me, but something about
     commercial growing of geraniums/pelargoniums.

     I won't swear that all of this is accurate, so please continue to
     check with your other sources; maybe we can piece together the truth.


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Subject: Re: [IGS] Fascination?
Author:  "Cynthia S. Lohry" <Hedgehug@AOL.COM> at INTERNET
Date:    2/24/98 9:00 PM


I haven't observed the "fascination" occuring on my plants, nor have I heard
of it before.  I just borrowed the Van Pelt Wilson book from our club library
and have been reading it when I get a chance, but I haven't found that passage
yet.  I will be talking to Carol Roller soon, and I'll relay the question to
her as she isn't online at this time.  If no one who is online comes up with
an answer, she might be able to help.


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