[IGS] I have a question?

Help anyone and everyone!!!!!
My brother gave me a scented geranium in a pot last year.  I had it in a
west facing window.  It was nice for a while, the it up and died on me.
It was a rose leaf scented.  I have no problem growing the zonal and ivy
geraniums.  I even have a royal that is several years old.  The place in
the west facing window got to be too dangerous for the plant so I moved
it, but it was kinda sick before it was moved.  Do you let them dry out
before watering like you do a zonal?
Also, how do you get a new royal started?
We are excited....8 inches of snow on the front deck this morning.  I
think we will have enough moisture for the summer now.  There is snow
'high up' now---high up is the mountain behind the house that raises to
7900 feet.  The desert was so beautiful today.  The sky cleared and the
pure blue against all that white.  Truly a blessing to behold.
Diane in Oregon

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