[IGS] Importing plant material from Australia


I have a friend who will be visiting Australia next month, and she's offered
to bring back plants or seeds or cuttings for me if it is allowed.  I thought
I remembered someone saying that it was nearly impossible to get plants or
plant material in or out of Australia at this time, though.  I have a call in
to our Dept. of Agriculture, but they have not returned the call yet.  Do you
have any knowledge of this?  If there is a bona fide reason for a quarantine,
I don't want to risk importing a problem for my plants and everone else's on
this end, but if there's not, there's some cultivars you have available to you
that I would dearly love to get into my collection.

I suggested that as an alternative she weave really good cuttings (with names,
of course!) into a lei and a wreath, and maybe even a skirt, and she and her
husband could wear them onto the plane.  She was willing to give it a try, but
her husband was not.  In fact, he didn't even consider it, which I consider to
be downright unsportsmanlike!  Do you think a pelargonium "corsage" for each
of them might make it past inspection?   If she was careful, she might be able
to get three or four cuttings into each corsage!

Isn't it terrible the lengths we will go to in order to add to our


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