Re: [IGS] Container gardening

At 09:35 PM 2/25/98 EST, you wrote:
>It sounds like you've got your hands full!  Hope your son is feeling back to
>normal again.  When I was in my car accident last year it took several months
>before I was feeling good again, and my accident was pretty minor, which it
>sounds like his was definitely not.

He just picked up a check today to pay for his replacement vehicle...and he
found one EXACTLY like his...a '91 Jeep Cherokee...dark blue with red/gray
pinstripes...the same options.  Only things different were the tires (he
wants BIGGER ones)...and he had added one of those spare tire carriers on
the back of his.   He learned from the insurance adjuster that the people
he hit (not his fault...but he still feels terrible about it) are still in
the hospital.   The passenger (side he hit) is a young woman with a head
injury and a broken pelvis.   He thinks the driver has a head injury too.
They weren't wearing seat belts and the passenger hit and shattered the

My son's injuries are minor...but they will take awhile to stop bothering
him.  He goes to physical therapy every day.  His boss was in a major
accident last year...and although not severely hurt, she definitely
understands.  She's very supportive in any time he's missing from work.

Kay ~ Tempe

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