[IGS] Cuttings

You have some interesting ideas on how to get plants/cuttings into the
country!   I have wondered about that myself,  Australia to U.S.  that is.
 I rang my friend Marjorie Edwards in Bendigo Victoria as soon as I got
your message.  She is one of our best hybridisers and has introduced some
wonderful plants.
I remembered that Faye Brawner had taken cuttings back with her after her
visit to the International Conference in Oct Ď96.    
 Marj said that Faye , after travelling up to Bendigo from Melbourne  (2
hours by train) she had to take the cuttings out to the Dept. of
Agriculture to Knoxfield which is 1Ĺ hours by car in the opposite direction
out of Mebourne.  All cuttings had to be inspected, and a fee paid, before
they are allowed to go out of the country.  
It would be fine if you were that keen,  but  I donít know about asking a
friend to do it.   Marj has no export licence and so canít post direct.
They make it hard donít they,
Actually Faye bought plants from Marj and turned them into cuttings just
before going to Knoxville and then straight home.  That would have saved
some drying out time.      Marj suggested you contact Faye to see what
Australian plants she has.
As for seeds, we donít have many interesting species here and of course
seeds from  Zonals wonít come true to form.   We donít have any  F1 hybrid
seeds here, best to get them from U.K.
 You didnít say where in Australia your friends were  going.  Itís bound to
be only the east coast, the closest to you.  Thatís  a  4Ĺ flight from
here.  Not many  US tourists  venture over here,  unless they have rellies
or friends here.
I could copy Marj Edwards catalogue for you if you like  ....  just to make
your mouth water!    It is only  4 small pages,    ( Zonal sand Regals).
Hope you have survived the floods,  how is the Angel/sandbag eating dog ...
whatís his name?    I have a very large well fed Chihuahua named  SHAKA.
Like his namesake he is a fearless warrior, heíll take on anything ..
Alsatians, Dobermans etc!
Havenít heard from Dale for a while,  hope heís still on deck. 
Best wishes
  from Joan
W. Australia

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