Re: [IGS] Fascination? ahhh....Fasciation


> Thanks to Cindi, barry, and Marge for the replies about "Fasciaton" (yes
> when I read that name the first time, I "saw" an "N" in there that
> wasn't really there so I now am try to see it differently.... <Duh> eyes
> must be crossing or something <G>. )

Don't feel bad -- happened to me, too, the first time I saw the word!

> Let me take advantage of this reply to welcome Marge to the IGS Robin
> Newsgroup. I look forward to your comments and topics in the future.

Thanks for the welcome.  I've been lurking for some time, just too work
crazed to post much or an introduction.

I'm a fan of hardy geraniums - have a dozen or so of them.  Some of whom I
know by name and some that the squirrels cleverly removed the labels from
when I first got them, several years ago, and I keep trying to re-identify;
all loved for their various traits, no matter who they are.  Also have a
couple of pelargoniums and a couple of scented geraniums that have
withstood my neglect and abuse for a number of years with good temper.

I'm enjoying the list and learning from those of you who are experts with
this family of plants.

Marge Talt, zone 7 Maryland
Editor:  Gardening in Shade
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