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 I would like to add my thanks to Dunk for the web reference. It is
 not only very informative but quite entertaining also.
 Clyde that would be a good reference point but certainly don't ignore
 Diane's recommendation to go to Robin's site and consulting with her.
 She is quite well informed.
 I would only say that many of the hardy Geraniums do well in partial
 shade and a few like G. Macrorrhizum thrive even in dry shade
 Hope you find the "companions" you seek :-) .

 Dale Neil (zone 5 ILL )
Thank you so much Dale!

Please bear with me as I am an inveterate gardener but a real Geranium newbie!

I went to the website and was WOWED!

Please let me know-what are the favorites these days amongst you all?

TY for the advice re shade tolerant plant!

Clyde Crockett z5

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