[IGS] Kudos for new journal

I just received "Geraniums Around The World" vol.45 #1 and I'm
enjoying it alot. A big thanks to all who helped get it to the
Especially like the "Dog 10, Angels 1" article by Cynthia Lohry.
Cinthia (if you are out there somewhere), I hope your dog is still
just contemplating and maybe has given up <BG>. I had a great time
picturing the whole situation and your constant struggle with
"Humanitarian tendencies" is appreciated ;-) .
Thanks Diane, for your update of the web page and news group esp. for
not mentioning how we have all been overwhelmed by the season. Maybe
if others read that they will come by and add new life to our group.

I hope all you have had a chance to read your Journals and are
enjoying it as much as I am.
Wishing you all a blessed new year ahead.
(Sorry I haven't been on here very much lately but I am one of those
overwhelmed ones also)

Dale Neil (Zone 5 ILL)

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