Re: [IGS] Kudos for new journal

Hi Clyde,

>A belated Happy New Year!
Belated?? <G> The New Year is 360 days yet ;-)  Appreciate the

>How does one go about going the Society? I should like very much to
and to get
>the Journals.
If you visit the IGS Home Page at http://www.geocities.
com/Rainforest/2822/index.html you can verify this and learn more
about the organization as well as some nice culture sheets.
Send a check made out to International Geranium Society  for $12.50
to the following address: IGS, Membership, P.O.Box 92734, Pasadena,
California 91109-2734.  (I believe that there is another line that
the Web site refers to as Dept.WWW but if you use the basic address,
you'll get results).
Most of the 12.50 goes towards the cost of the quarterly journal
called Geranium Around The World and for that alone it is well worth
the cost. (There is also a seed bank available to members with many
hard to come by seeds as well as more common varieties.) If you want
to start wth the Winter issue be sure to request that or you may not
get a journal until spring.

Hopefully others will write in with their favorite suggestions . I'm
a little pressed for time right now but will write again.

Welcome aboard.

Dale Neil (Zone 5 ILL)

PS.... Note To Diana. Sorry I referred to you as Diane a couple of
time. Post holiday confusion I guess <G>.

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