Re: [IGS] Hardy Geranium for the shade

Dear Clyde:

I list three pages of Hardy Geraniums for shade gardens on my website at  There are also geraniums in the
Ground Covers section of the list that do well in shade, such as
Geranium macrorrhizum and G. x cantabrigiense.  Since "shade"  covers a
lot of different degrees of light, G. x oxonianum would also work well
in light shade to dappled light shade, even to morning sun.  It really
depends on how hot and bright your summers are.  G. x oxonianum needs to
be protected against blasting heat in the middle of the day during the
summer. It can however, be cut back to the crowns if it looks tired.
New leaves and new flowers will follow.

Hardy Geraniums generally require reasonably fertile and well drained
soil, but nothing too extravagant.  In the fifteen years I have had a
nursery, I have been able to coax most people to grow at least 10
different kinds of  Hardy Geraniums successfully.  It really depends on
making the right choice for the right place.

Good Luck!

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