Re: [IGS] Kudos for new journal

-- [ From: Dale Neil * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

> A newcomer I am, have grown Geraniums for 20 years, love growing
Indoors Under
> Lights.  Latest issue of Geraniums around the World mentioned the
robin site,
> which
> is great.  Looking forward to writing and sharing in the future/
> Alan Craig, New York State

Hi Alan,

Though I am not a leader here in any way (actually I think Diana
Pedersen did the most to make this list available but from what I saw at
her wonderful web sites.. esp. The Enabling Gardener site she keeps
herself busy), I want to say "welcome" <G>.
You may be new to the list but it certainly doesn't look like you are
new to geraniums. Do you have a favorite genera that you "hang out" with
:-) .
Scenteds are my favorite but I have been attracted to "true" Geraniums,
Erodiums, Zonals, and Angels lately (boy these things can be


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