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> In a message dated 98-01-07 20:18:15 EST, Snowb94524@AOL.Com writes:
> <<
>  A newcomer I am, have grown Geraniums for 20 years, love growing
Indoors Under
>  Lights. >>
> Hi Alan and all!
> I am a newcomer, too.When do begin starting the seeds? 24-hour lights?
> there geranium cultivars with variegated leaves? How about ones with
> leaves?
> Any info appreciated!
> Clyde Crockett

Hi Clyde,

I am not aware of leaf color variation among the hardy Geraniums (others
might add to my knowledge of that) but among the Pelargoniums (zonals,
scenteds, regals, and species) there is wide color variation with many
nice variegated plants available. Only problem with that is that they
are all tender to our zone 5 winters and need to bought in for the
Seeds can be started anytime. Most will benefit by scarification (filing
or chipping the seed coat slightly) to improve germination.
Lights: They do quite well under lights. Although 14- 16 hours is
recommended, I keep mine on 24 hours and find that there is a better
chance of seeing blooms that way. Pelagoniums are heavy feeders if you
want they to keep growing like that under lights otherwise if you want
to just keep them alive through the winter, cut back on the feeding and
watering to just the bare necessity. My Scenteds seem to hog as much
light as they can get and it can get quite crowded around here by March
:-) but then I love pruning their foliage for my potpourri simmering pot


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