Re: [IGS] Hardy Geraniums with Bad Habits

Dear Dale:

Although the majority of hardy geraniums are really well behaved, there
are a few whose behaviour has to be monitored.  We offer 32 different
named forms of G. x oxonianum in our catalog, which probably tells you
something about this plant.  Most everyone has it seed around in their
gardens, and the seedlings often look a little different.  The
temptation to name offspring is almost irresistible, hence the
incredible proliferation of names.  Geranium versicolor seeds everywhere
and crosses with G. endressii, and G x oxonianum, and anyone weak enough
to be charmed by G. robertianum, even G. robertianum 'Celtic White',
lives to regret it, including me.  Geranium sessififlorum 'Nigricans' is
a beast in gravel, although it is easy enough to pull out.  Geranium
phaeum also seeds and produces a lot of inferior forms.

Basically, even when badly behaved,  these are lovely plants, and for
every person who wants to keep everything neat and just-so, there is
someone else who wants to be invaded!

Weeding is good for the waistline!

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