[IGS] New subscriber breaks silence

     Since introductions from newcomers to the list seem in order, here goes --

     Until about 1979, when we moved from one house to another, I was an avid
     collector, mostly of zonal pelargoniums.  I was quite into hybridizing, in
     a makeshift cool greenhouse in our San Francisco backyard, and had the good
     luck to have one of my developments enter into the trade.  My interest goes
     waaay back:  as about a ten year-old kid, my first plants were zonals from
     the nursery of William E. Schmidt in Palo Alto.  I still remember the names
     of the cultivars:

          Alpha, Skies of Italy, Emile Zola, Bougainvillea.

     Great fun in a planter box on our patio!

     For some reason, my interest went into dormancy after our move, but now,
     almost twenty years later, it seems to be stirring again.  Obviously, some
     water has gone under the bridge in this field.  With everyone's permission,
     I plan to mostly lurk on this list, soaking up what I can (and if there's a
     way I can contribute from time to time, I'll try to do so).

     Best to all,

     Barry Roth

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