[IGS] New Greeters


I want to inform you of some changes.  Lichen (he'll have to give you his
email address) will be acting as a co-list owner because he already has the
technical experience to handle most of the problems that show up.

Clyde and Dale will be serving as official greeters to help keep
conversation going in a civil manner and to make sure all newcomers are

I really appreciate these 3 people rising to help.  Going back to school is
making some major changes in the time I have for recreation!  What can I
say, I get to immerse myself in 17 credits worth of classes talking about
PLANTS!!!!!!!!  No complaints here but I do have to allow enough time for
projects, etc.

Thank you and have fun on the list.  Another thought:  Is there someone who
could write a brief summary of what the discussions have been for the past 2
months?  The IGS would like to publish a brief paragraph each month in their
quarterly called Geraniums Around the World.
Diana Pederson, Zone 5, Michigan

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