[IGS] Clyde and Dale--New Greeter

Clyde and Dale:

I am counting on you to make newcomers feel completely at home.  Refer any
technical questions to Lichen--he understands how to do the list-owner stuff
that even I still struggle with.

I'd like to suggest a project for the whole robin--maybe someone will come
forward and offer to coordinate it.  Let's create some simple culture sheets
for the various plant species within the geranium family.

There are some on pelargoniums already at the IGS website.  Would someone
volunteer to do one on hardy geraniums--something that let's a newcomer know
what to do?  What about monsonia and erodium?  I'm interested in these last
2 but have no idea as to their hardiness (Zone 5 sometimes more like 4?) or
general culture.  It would be nice to add these to our website.
Diana Pederson, Zone 5, Michigan

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