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I meant to post this on the list server but my offline reader hs a
tendency to read the original poster's address and send it direct. Most
of the time I can catch it but I guess I missed this one. Sooooooo......
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> Hi Robin,
> Wow I am really increasing my knowledge base with all your great posts
. Thanks
> for the list of "invasive" geraniums. I don't see any of the ones that
I have
> in your list but maybe I will run across some in the future and
daringly grab
> ahold of one or two. I can be persuaded to think that I can be one who
can tame
> the wild ones as my collection of 12 mint varieties can attest to :-)
. I will
> have to admit that I am still working to contain a few of them <G>.
> Thanks too for the the list of variegated foliage geraniums. I had no
> there any, let alone as many as there are. I like G . macrorrhizum so
I may
> talk to you sometime about how I might acquire a variegated plant. I
know that
> Pelargoniums have a tendency to revert from variegated to the parent
plant. Is
> that a problem at all with true Geraniums?
> Ahh and the doubles. The only one I have seen is Birch's Double which
> in both Milaeger's Garden and Jung Quality Seeds Catalogs. I have been
> to order it but I can't seem to get it before I overspend my plant
> <sigh> . Priorities ........
> Will be talking to you again, Dale

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