[IGS] Developing a "homepage"

Hello again:

Today marks the start of our new email list.  One major step I'd like to see
taken is the development of a webpage for this email list.

It could include:

information on subscribing/unsubscribing/accessing archives

Fact sheets about various shade plants.

Whatever else we think of!

I simply have run out of time.  School starts on Monday.  17 credits is
considered a heavy load for a normal college student (single, young).  For a
single parent, it's a very heavy load but is indicative of how badly I want
to move from the ranks of disabled to employed.  I'm still trying to get up
the courage to start limping into job interviews (this time in florist shops
or nurseries) again.

Is there 1 person on this list who sees the potential of a web page and
would offer to coordinate it for us?  It is super easy to get free homepages
at geocities so space is no problem.  I feel I'll have some down time to put
the material into webpage format but do not have time to create the
information.  I'd like the coordinator to pull it together (in emails) and
then be able to mail me material that is ready to be put on a website.
PLEASE, is there just 1 person here willing to handle this for Sheryl and
myself?  If someone else wants to volunteer to do the actual page, that
would be fantastic too.

The other thing needed are people willing to write up a 2-4 paragraph sheet
about how to grow [insert plant name here].  For example, I have a little
idea on how to handle hostas after a year but have failed miserably and
expensively with hellebores (at least in germinating seed).  Maybe we have
an expert for this plant?

I don't want to keep promoting my own column, but starting January 23, I'm
doing a 5 week series on Difficult Gardens: Shady Northern Exposures.
http://www.suite101.com/topics/page.cfm/262  Some of you may enjoy reading
about a real life situation and how I solved it.
Also, Marge Talt does a weekly column that is dedicated to shade gardening:
http://www.suite101.com/topics/page.cfm/222.  These are 2 sources for those
with a craving for reading this cold winter!  If you find others, please let
the group know.

Diana Pederson, Zone 5, Michigan

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