Re: [IGS] Indoor Light Gardening.Who cares about El Nino?

Dear Alan:

Geranium seed is expensive.  But I have a suggestion.  Are you a member
of I.G.S.?  We have a good seed list, and for a $12.50 p.a. membership,
you get access to the seed list, plus an excellent quarterly magazine.
I am not sure what kind of geraniums you grow (pelargoniums or hardy
geraniums), but if you like the species, the Geraniaceae Group in Great
Britain has another good seed list with many species, and a quarterly
magazine,  again for the price of a annual membership.

You can get information on IGS from our webpage. If you want to contact
the Brits the address is :

The Geraniaceae Group
Ms. Peggy Clifton, Membership Secretary
9 Waingate Bridge Cottages
Cumbria  LA18 4NF

Membership costs ten pounds sterling.  This allows you to get your
quarterly magazine airmail.



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