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 Hi All.
I've been looking and drooling over some of my seed catalogs trying to
decide just what I want to buy this year.

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with something that has
been in the Thompson & Morgan catalog the last few years and now has
appeared in Parks catalog. It's called G.pratense striatum 'Splish
Splash' . A nice looking hardy geranium with mauve-blue speckles on pure
white petals of 1 1/2 inch blooms. Hmmm.... I was wondering how easy
that one was to start from the seeds . (I can order plants or seeds...
last year I waited until Feb. to put in my order and they were already
sold out of the seeds) You only get 8 seeds for 4.49 so I was hoping to
get atleast one plant started from them.

Also (this doesn't have to do with geraniums directly but indirectly it
does) in the Nichols Garden Nursery catalog there is a Bergamot "Rose
Geranium"  listed. They said it was discovered in Canada. Anybody have
that and does it really have a scent of Rose Geranium? I don't know why
I would want it since I have a number of varieties of Rose geraniums but
<sigh> I am strangly attracted to the idea of having :-).

What is anybody else looking to get this year?

Dale Neil (Zone 5 IL)

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