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Hi Alan,
How did you hear about the trial Burpee is doing this year? I noticed
that they had new Peloargonium varieties that they were offering as
plants this year. Even an Angel 'Sancho Panza' is being offered as a
plant this year. I do appreciate the many informative pages they have
added to their catalog covering container gardening.

By Dwarf Geraniums, do you mean the Geranium genera or Pelargonius? I
wasn't aware of true Geranium having any cultivars or species that are
called dwarf but I am aware of many Pelagoniums. I wonder if the Dwarf
varieties seed true? Maybe the British have a few available in seed.
Well I am starting to fade so I better call it a day.
Take care,
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> I spend hours pouring over the catalogs.  A constant vigil is always
on the
> Geranium
> pages, for new seeds, plants etc.  Burpee is offering many new
Geranium Plant
> variety's.  In the works for 1998 are a small trial period of the
> Geraniums to
> see how they survice this Western NY weather.  Also will will growing
> basket
> Geraniums.  One thing I notice a great lack of is any Dwarf Geraniums
> being
> offered anywhere,   Oh well, time to say Good Night and sign off.
> alan craig

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