Re: [IGS] Seed catalogs browsing

Someone is looking for dwarf geranium. Assuming you mean geranium, not
Pelagoniums, SILVERHILL SEEDS offered (1997)

G. drakensbergensis -- spreading groundcover with light green oval leaves,
maube fl similar to G. incanum. (bloom in) SU, wet/water, Sow Sp.


G. incanum (5 to 15 seeds for $2.00, or $5.00 per 100) 0.3m. spreading
groundcover, carrot-like foliage, mauve fl all year, sun or s/shade, ideal for
small garden. Sow Au/Sp(in southern hemisphere)

AND G. incanum WHITE, as above, but with white fl. Sow Au/Sp (southern hemisph)

Southe African Seed Specialists
P.O.Box 53108, Kenilworth,
7745 Cape Town, South Africa

email -->

Catologue is probably $2/3.00, US. Prices are in US$ Packets are $2.00 except
where noted. Add 10% for packing & postage, or if less than $20.00, add
$3.00. Payment can be made in cash by registered letter, and etc.


darn -- that color up there is MAUVE


Carolyn Schaffner in Buffalo, NY

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