Re: [IGS] Seed catalogs browsing

Thanks Carolyn.  Silverhill Seeds is a great resource for pelargonium
seeds as well.  I'm not sure if the color of many of the South African
geraniums is mauve or a light lilac. Webster says mauve is a pale
bluish-purple, and lilac is a pale reddish-purple.  There seems to be
some underlying red in the flower color of these geraniums.

There is a wonderful book out that lists sources for all kinds of seeds
including those of Geraniaceae.  It is:

The Seed Search, 2nd Edition, 1997
Compiled, Edited and Published by Karen Platt
35 Longfield Road
Sheffield, S10 1QW

It's a paperback and costs 10.99 sterling, but I can't remember how much
I paid for postage. But you could write to her, or perhaps someone else



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