Re: [IGS] Seed Propagation of Hardy Geraniums

Dear Dale:

Thanks for your reply.  I'd be afraid to use a razor blade to scarify
seed. Some seed is very hard, and I have some control with tweezers.

I admire Thompson and Morgans marketing techniques, but if there is
something extra special about "Geranium pratense striatum 'Splish
Splash'" why are they using all those names, and why don't they tell us
what is difference between G. pratense 'Striatum' and their choice.  I
thought one was only allowed to have one to two descriptive epithets
after the species.  I may be getting out of my depth, but we are talking
about a seed strain, so I'm not sure we can even call it 'Striatum'.
Should it be Striatum Seed Strain or Splish Splash Seed Strain?  I went
back to look in Peter Yeo's Hardy Geraniums, and he lists it as follows:

"G. pratense 'Striatum' ('Bicolor') has white petals spotted and
streaked with violet-blue in varying intensities and to very varying
extents.  At least a proportion of the seedlings come true (Ingwersen,

I have a similar problem with G. pratense (Victor Reiter Strain).  I'm
not really sure how to list it correctly.  It is a seed strain, from
which we select seedlings that have maroon coloring in the leaf. I would
really be grateful for someone to tell me what is right.

I didn't overlook your question about regression to all-green of
variegated leaves in the Genus Geranium.  I thought it was worthy of a
serious reply.  If you wouldn't mind I'd like to give it some thought,
or perhaps someone else would like to comment.  I'm not sure what causes
variegation in geranium leaves.  Certainly, G. phaeum 'Variegatum' and
G. x oxonianum 'Margin of Error' can become all green.  But why?

In answer to your other question, I get seed many different sources,
societies such as I.G.S. and the Geraniaceae Group, professionals
working with this group of plants, personal collections, nurseries that
offer seed.  I only get seed of the species, never the hybrids or named
varieties. We propagate hybrids and selected color forms only by
vegetative means. I do not collect seed from my own plants.  We have a
small nursery, and we grow over 300 different species, hybrids and color
selection of geraniums, and I have no time to isolate individual plants
and hand pollinate them. Wish I had, but I don't.

Thanks for provoking so much thought.


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