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Hi Alan,
The Pintos are quite commonly offered in garden centers here in NW
Illinois but only as plants and not seeds.
Stokes seeds (   for catalogue) has 10 varieties of
Pinto seeds available as well as alot of cultural information. The Elite
series is a similar smaller variety and blooms earlier than Pintos. I've
seen that seed offered by Parks Seed and Stokes. Multibloom series is a
shorter bushy plant also and is offered by many seed providers.

I was looking for my Deerwood Geranium Catalogue as I was preparing to
reply to you and couldn't find it. Faye Brawner must have sensed this
would happen as I just received her new catalogue in the mail today <G>.
She has around 180 variety of dwarfs and minature plants available so if
you would want to get an idea as to what is available today you might
look at the Deerwood catalogue (It is almost overwhelming to look at as
she offers over a thousand different types of Pelargonium plants but she
does only deal in plants and not seeds). It is available for $3  at
Deerwood Geraniums , Rt. 4 , Box 525A, Buckhannon, WV 26201 . (Last I
heard it was still $3 but if you order from her, future catalogs are
free from what I can tell.)

Growing the Dwarfs from seed is pretty straightforward. It will benefit
germination rates however if the seed coat is nicked to allow the seed
to have freer access to moisture (see Robin Pare's message to me from
1/13/98 about how she scarifies seed. I have used a razor blade in the
past but one needs to be very careful to do this<G>. I have heard of
some growers using sandpaper or emery cloth to wear away a little of the
seed coat. It doesn't take much and care is taken not to cut into the
seed or it could damage the embryo ). Seed does't like it over 80
degrees  with 70 degrees F being ideal. Other than that (IF I haven't
overlooked anything) the process is pretty standard light/moisture
requirements (evenly moist and allowing the soil to dry between watering
and after the root system is well formed. )

Hope this helps.

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> Hello Dale:
>      Some seed catalogs used to have a Dwf. Geranium called the
> varietys.
> They grew about 8" high, were in Pelargonium Zonal family.  For Indoor
> I
> like the smaller variety's.  Could you please give me some tips as to
some of
> these
> smaller variety's to grow.  Thank You    Alan Craig

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