[IGS] Rose Gardening Seminar

Suite101.com and i5ive Communications announced today they will sponsor
their first ever global workshop on the Internet. Hosted by landscape
consultant and American Rose Society Consulting Rosarian Mark Whitelaw,
the workshop will focus on answering questions about rose horticulture
from their membership. The Spring Rose Workshop, as it is called, will
run from February 1 - 14 on Suite101.com’s internet website at
The format will include daily tips published in Rose Garden
(http://www.suite101.com/topics/page.cfm/513) where members may comment
or ask follow-up questions. They can also ask questions not related to
the tip, add their comments or personal experiences with their roses, or
provide their own expertise by helping to answer questions on subjects
where they have knowledge.
“The advantage of holding this workshop on the Internet is that it gives
members the ability to ask questions about their roses without the
constraint of a particular time or meeting place,” states Whitelaw. “It
also permits the seeking out of related information on websites
throughout the world. If a gardener in Australia wants to know what
‘powdery mildew’ is, for example, I can show them a picture of the
disease from Texas while also suggesting they visit a related website in
the United Kingdom. Or, if a rosarian desires a particularly hard to
find rose for their garden, I may be able to locate it from the various
custom rooting firms on the web.”
Mark Whitelaw is an independent landscape consultant, designer and
author from Ft. Worth, Texas. He has grown “The World’s Favorite Flower”
for 41 years, and shares those experiences with fellow rosarians through
various on-line services, magazine articles and newsletters. Mark
specializes in Old Garden Roses and their environment-friendly care. At
Suite101.com, he is also the Contributing Editor for Rose Gardening.
“This is a first,” states Julie Bradshaw, Managing Director i5ive
communications inc., the creators of the on-line community based web
guide, Suite101.com. “It ties right into our concept of sharing
information with our global community. This is only the beginning of
what we believe will become an on-going forum for the universal exchange
of knowledge.”
Although member registration is required to participate in the
discussions and ask questions, anyone with Internet access and a browser
can view the tips and discussions.  Membership in Suite101.com as well
as participation in the Spring Rose Workshop is free and open to the
public, except for any possible on-line charges which may be incurred by
the participant’s Internet Service Provider.

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